Nasal Drug Delivery

SNBL’s nasal drug delivery platform is a proprietary system consisting of powder carrier technology and delivery device technology.

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Satsuma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Poster Presentations on the American Academy of Neurology 2020 Science Highlights Virtual Platform

Satsuma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Satsuma”, San Francisco, CA, USA) was established in June 2016 with the purpose of globally expanding the Translational Research business of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. (“SNBL”) by developing migraine therapeutics consisting of dihydroergotamine (“DHE”) and SNBL’s novel nasal delivery technology, STS101.


Two Satsuma posters were selected for presentation on the 2020 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting Science Highlights Virtual Platform scheduled for May 18, 2020.


These presentations highlighted that SNBL’ s nasal drug delivery technology, consisting of a powder carrier and a delivery device, enables high and rapid drug absorption based on the Phase 1 results of Satsuma’s STS101, SNBL’s anti-migraine drug, intranasal zolmitriptan, and SNBL’s anti-emetic drug, intranasal granisetron.


Poster: P14.006

Title: Water-insoluble Mucoadhesive Formulation Enables Consistent and Rapid Intranasal Absorption of Drugs, including Granisetron, Zolmitriptan and Dihydroergotamine


Poster: P14.008

Title: PK Comparison of STS101, an Intranasal Dry Powder Formulation of Dihydroergotamine, with Other Intranasal, Injectable and Oral Inhaled DHE Formulations



For more information, please visit Satsuma’s press release.