Nasal Drug Delivery

SNBL’s nasal drug delivery platform is a proprietary system consisting of powder carrier technology and delivery device technology.

Expertise in Nasal Delivery

3D Nasal Cast Model


Event: SNBL to present in vitro/in vivo evaluations of proprietary Nose-to-Brain delivery technology at CRS Annual Meeting 2018

 SNBL will present new data for our proprietary nasal delivery technology as applied to Nose-to-Brain and systemic delivery. The following posters will be presented at the Controlled Release Society (CRS) Annual Meeting in New York, NY – July 22-24, 2018:


  • In Vitro/in Vivo Evaluations Of Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery Platform Technology In Monkeys (Yusuke Torikai, poster number: 574)
  • Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Absorption Characteristics of a Novel Nasal Zolmitriptan Powder Formulation in Monkeys (Yuki Akiyoshi, poster number: 565)


Also, SNBL will be exhibiting a booth showcasing our nasal delivery technology.